Vera Bugatti


Apart from being an artist, Vera Bugatti is also known as a chalk artist (with the traditional Italian Madonnari technique) and 3D street painter - street artist - anamorphic artist - internationally acclaimed urban artist.
She has worked in Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Ireland, Croatia, Austria, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russia, Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria, the US, Mexico, Emirates and India. And that list grows every year.

Street painting, also known as floor art, street art and pavement art, is the art of creating artistic designs on pavements such as streets, pavements and town squares using semi-permanent or perishable materials such as chalk. Traditional chalk art originated with the first Italian street artists (the Madonnari) who can be traced back to the 16th century. Today's Madonnari still work with perishable materials and often reproduce famous sacred paintings. Today, you see original designs and new ways of telling and conveying messages everywhere.

"As a street painter, my first task is to be a visual artist. I draw my characters with chalk on pavements, streets or pavements in urban public spaces. The ephemeral nature of this ancient Italian art form has taught me how to convey feelings immediately to the viewer, because my work will disappear as soon as the wind blows, and as quickly as the rain comes. My chalk works develop from the heart, the dream and the mind through imagined and different sources, with nods to art history and contemporary cultural iconography. "

Vera is not only skilled in creating art on the surface we walk on every day. Every now and then she creates beautiful murals that simply blow you away.



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