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In de file staan is voortaan wat aangenamer door eerste mural in straatbeeld

TIENEN You may have noticed, but the concrete wall on the Bergévest is getting a color; or colors.... Standing still in your car at an intersection (or standing in a traffic jam) is now a pleasure precisely because of the view of a beautiful mural. With a passion for street art, Treepack managed to bring this project to fruition in Tienen. The first mural in our city is not quite finished, but you can already recognize a strand of plants intertwined with water, along with some other animals.


Vrolijke streetart kleurt de straten van Ninove

In Ninove, residents can discover artworks along a new street art trail through the city center. Since September, art works by the art collective Treepack have been appearing drop by drop in the city, and now the eleventh and final work "Woman with the jug" is also finished. The art collective's mission is to make art accessible to the general public by beautifying public spaces.


Fietstunnel onder Noordweg opgefleurd met muurschilderingen

PEER - The bicycle tunnel under the Noordweg in Peer has been brightened up with a colorful and lively mural. The Leuven street art organization Treepack transformed the gray tunnel into a colorful three-part artwork with the themes of water, grassland and meadow. Earlier, the bicycle and footpath in the tunnel was renewed.


‘De vrouw met de kruik’ maakt streetartproject in Ninoofse straten compleet

NINOVE The street art project "Tour Surprise" is complete with the realization of the large "mural" "The woman with the jug" on the corner of the Aalstersesteenweg and intersection Den Doorn. The entire trail can be discovered from now on. "It challenges walkers to discover streets and squares with new eyes."


Treepack fleurt gevel sporthal Averbode op

AVERBODE The last street art of the year is a fact in Scherpenheuvel-Zichem. You can admire this beautiful work by Treepack on the facade of the sports hall in Averbode.

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Hij tekende al voor Louis Vuitton, nu ontwerpt wereldbekende illustrator gigantisch kunstwerk: “Geïnspireerd door dertig jaar carnaval”

HEIST - Heist has a new colorful gem: in the Pannestraat shines a mural no less than 120 square meters in size by the hand of Brecht Evens, an award-winning illustrator known throughout the world. He was inspired by 250 pictures from the history of Heist Carnival. "We have added a monumental work of art," said Mayor Piet De Groote.


Kunstwerk verbindt jong en oud op UCLL

Hasselt - UCLL Hasselt is unpacking a street art piece to connect students, passersby and faculty. With the vision "Everyone is welcome on our campus," the college called on the Leuven artist collective Treepack.

Leuven News

Eerste grote streetart in Lubbeek

The work was created at the request of the municipality of Lubbeek and is by artist Darko, from a design by Treepack.

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Grote street art kunstwerken brengen toekomst van Leeuwse jeugd in beeld

SINT-PIETERS-LEEUW - During the summer vacations, two monumental street art works appeared on a wall at the corner of the Karel Gilsonstrata and the Kerkstraat in Ruisbroek and on the façade of the Sint-Stevensschool in the Negenemanneke. Both artworks were opened Tuesday afternoon together with neighbors and school children.

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Treepack maakte muurschilderingen

Sint-Pieters-Leeuw partnered with artist collective Treepack to create two monumental murals. They, in turn, engaged artists Simon Mannaerts and Toon Van Ishoven to create a work of art in Ruisbroek and Negenmanneke. Over the past few weeks Sint-Pieters-Leeuw has been embellished with incredible art in the public space. The focus was on the future of young people and the role they play in the growing society of the Flemish suburbs.


Nieuw artwork verrijst aan Duitsveldbaan

ROTSELAAR - The artists of Treepack are still hard at work on the artwork at the Duitsveldbaan in Wezemaal. The contours of a beautiful sea landscape are already recognizable.

Leuven News

Grijze wolf duikt op in het straatbeeld

Street artist TUZQ placed a new work in Rotselaar: a gray wolf.
The famous painted electricity boxes now also find their way to Rotselaar. Lars Van Cauwenbergh (TUZQ) has placed the image of a gray wolf on an electricity box in the Regastraat in Rotselaar. Painting bear, Bearhole, Simon Mannaerts, Treepack and Jan Poncelet also went to work there.


Tour Elentrik nieuw straatkunstproject in Rotselaar

In Rotselaar, a new art project has been started. It is called Tour Elentrik and is already the third similar project in the municipality. This time, electricity boxes are colorfully painted. The boxes run through the various residential areas and provide connection.


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