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Whether you want to improve the working atmosphere in your office, share your story with the world or renovate your building, find out below how murals can boost your organisation.


At every stage - from the first meeting to placement and production - we ensure that communication remains transparent and that you are kept informed on all fronts.

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1 | Committed employees

A happy employee is a great employee.

Studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between the happiness of your staff and their productivity. And how do you ensure that you work with people who are generally happy? Simple: people feel good about themselves when they feel good about their (working) environment.

Beautiful wall murals can have a huge impact on the appearance of your office and create a pleasant working atmosphere. Moreover, you can use them to attract new employees and boost the loyalty of your staff.

Our murals help you connect with your team and create proud brand ambassadors.

2 | Branding & storytelling

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Murals generate an enormous amount of exposure and ensure that your brand remains top of mind. Impress your customers and prospects the moment they walk into your office building. 

An image says more than a thousand words. With a mural that visualises the story, the values and the activities of your company, we turn your building into a monument!

3 | Renovating with street art

Buildings are often a boring and grey mass. 

With murals, we offer a very original and low-maintenance alternative to traditional solutions (banners, vertical gardens, regular painting) to renovate your wall. Why camouflage your building when you can transform it into a work of art that can inspire different generations!

Discover the transforming power of street art below!


An industrial environment is usually not accompanied by colour. The tone is set by white metal-clad panels and concrete-grey structures.

We are here to change that!

By adding colour to a concept, we add spice to your massive buildings, towering silos and basically any boring structure you have on your site.

We can assure that your building will be visible from miles away.

Do you give a tour to prospects? Do customers come by to see how their products are made? With a monumental mural, they will be impressed no matter what!

Ready for massive murals with taste?


A tribute to the staff of Stylin' Art.

Sylin'Art is a family business that was founded in 1940, and still makes their products with pride and pleasure. The 45 craftsmen who work there are known for their precise sawing and cutting work.

To illustrate exactly what happens inside, we created a dynamic sequence of scenes that convey the standards and values of the family business and pay homage to the craft and people who diligently produce this decorative sheet material every day.

Boekhoudkantoor Karin Beeckman

Karin Beeckman, business manager of her own accounting firm, had long brooded on the idea of transforming her home and office with a mural. The

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Foodmaker – België & Nederland

Since 2004, Foodmaker has been providing ultra-fresh and organic meals, with ingredients sourced as much as possible from their own organic fields. By professional chefs, their

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Bakkerij Cupers – Hasselt

The bakery Cupers in Sint-Lambrechts-Herk has recently launched a monumental mural that literally and figuratively highlights their craft. Since 1976, the bakery

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AFAS – Kontich

Together with AFAS software in Kontich, we have joined forces to give their offices and training rooms a new look. Our

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Connecting – Aten Infotech

Heusden-Zolder | Stimulating the motivation of your staff members on a daily basis is not easy. Yet the hardware manufacturer Aten Infotech from Heusden-Zolder recently succeeded.

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Ieder zijn steentje

An office and headquarters that will appeal to young and dynamic employees? That has recently been found between the windmills in

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The mural by Treepack, conveys the DNA of Tunity to our employees. They get inspired daily by this iconic image. It's the start of our onboarding and it really shows who we are!

A pit stop determines the difference between profit and loss. Our tagline "We give our customers an unfair advantage" is thus visualised and brought to life.

Customers get intrigued and literally feel like they are in the driver's seat. Their adventure then starts with the right feeling. As a company, we are so satisfied that we cannot wait for our second wall!

Fabio Romagnoli

CEO of Tunity

"I never thought our cooperation would have such an impact.

We looked forward to the designs and were surprised because it turned out to be something we hadn't expected at all in our dreams. And yet, for many, it was immediately BAM!

It is a result that leaves us speechless. A work with an enormous impact, the whole community is talking about it. It is the icing on the cake.

Thank you for giving our vision a face! Well done!"

Dieter Rodeyns

Director of primary school De Suikerspin Tienen

"The reactions to the recently realised street art in our city are purely positive. Besides the fact that the murals brighten up the streets enormously, they also have a number of positive social effects. Many cyclists and pedestrians (re)discover our city thanks to these beautiful murals. The new street art in our city has really brought residents of all ages together and made them go outside in a modern way. In this way, we as a city also hope to attract a younger audience."

Manu Claes

Mayor of Scherpenheuvel-Zichem

Discover in 5 steps how our murals are created

A mural makes an enormous impact.  

Our team of mural experts will guide you with proven techniques through the creation process of your future mural.

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Together we discover the purpose of the artwork and listen carefully to your needs and wishes before drawing up a first proposal.  

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After confirming our proposal, we will hold a creative brainstorming session to prepare the concept for your mural. During this session, we will deepdive into your preferences in terms of style, themes and colours. Not sure what you want? Let the talent of our art directors surprise you!

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Our creative team will create a detailed design for your project. We start with a preliminary sketch, which we develop into a full blown design that will blow your mind.

Of course, you can also give our artists carte blanche and let them surprise you.

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The final design is fixed. Now it is time to carefully plan when your mural will be painted.

For optimum artwork durability, our team performs a technical analysis of the substrate to determine the appropriate materials. 

During the execution phase, we attach great importance to safety and cleanliness.

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Are you just as proud of the result as we are? Then you'll want to share it with the world. You can also count on us for this step. Street art is extremely popular and can generate a lot of online and offline exposure.   

Our team of marketing specialists will help you promote the project with interesting and inspiring photos and videos. This way, we will make your mural the talk of the town.

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Take your wall or space to the next level and let our knowledge guide you. With our proven process, every idea becomes a reality.

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