In the vicinity of this tunnel, the street names are named after ancient Greek figures.

Tunnel vision... something you'd rather avoid. Unless you are in Eindhoven.

Tunnel Vision is a concept that takes a completely different approach from an ordinary layer of white paint: It combines artistry with public infrastructure. A great idea that makes you feel like you are in an outdoor gallery! Even late at night you feel a lot safer walking through these usually dark and rather creepy parts of town.

The artist duo explains the concept behind the artwork: "Through space"
(a reference to a concept about linear perception while walking in a tunnel-like object)

From the perspective you see when you walk through the tunnel, it is important to remember that this work of art feels like a gallery. The position of the viewer changes constantly and the exposure to light flows from one state to another, from one era to another, from one place to another. In fact, the specific perception of the image in the tunnel is linear, comparable to an audio track. For an object of this shape, the importance does not lie in its overall composition, because the viewer cannot perceive it entirely from one perspective. With that in mind, it would be better if the spectator's eyes flowed from one composite mass to the next in order to experience the work of art as a musical composition.

The specific illumination of the tunnel was also considered: when passing through, our eyes do not have the time to immediately get used to the dark space after the bright street. Therefore, we used as many bright colours as possible.
For the basis of the drawing, we took our inspiration from the ancient Greek myth of Aeneas and reinterpreted it into a modern story that is closer to the viewer's world. In doing so, we translated the mythology into a more understandable form for modern urban planning (in a sober way, stylistically and aesthetically). At the same time, traditional attributes of that era were revived: the patterns of architectural order, ships, art... By leaving these attributes unchanged, we changed their environment and interaction, allowing them to express their aesthetic potential from a new angle.

It was a joy to paint this tunnel, even though on some days we had heavy rain and thunderstorms that flooded the tunnel up to our ankles. Russian artists seem to be used to 'some weather', so this was just a breeze.

With thanks to: Ruud, Hoodo and the whole neighbourhood who passed by daily with a balance of compliments.


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