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After previously realizing two murals in Aarschot in 2021, it was time to take care of the next location. The narrow alleyway towards the city center of Aarschot is exactly the place where an impressive eagle landed. In collaboration with street art organization Treepack and artist Tuzq, this characterful eagle was able to nestle in the alley and take passersby under its wing.

In consultation with Treepack and the town of Aarschot, an accessible concept was developed by Tuzq to stylishly brighten up the connecting road from the parking lot to the town center. This stimulates a pleasant first encounter for visitors and inhabitants of Aarschot. In order to integrate local flora and fauna into this urban environment, the central theme of the eagle was chosen. Moreover, according to an old legend, this bird was shot by Aurelian. Aarschot was founded on the spot where the eagle is said to have landed.

The mythical story of this bird is approached by artist Tuzq with a mix of realism and graphic elements. One of the best realism artists in Belgium, with an eye for detail and depth, his creations triumph. Full of perseverance, pride and dignity, the eagle spreads its wing across the entire facade with the other birds flying in its direction. In the distance, the Orlean tower travels up from the clouds. The common colors in Aarschot were used as inspiration. The color palette based on sandstone and corten steel results in a beautiful interplay of the final artwork with its immediate surroundings.

The artwork is like an eagle's nest where different species of birds are raised. The birds flying away refer to the diverse citizens of Aarschot. The eagle also refers to former mayor Theo De Becker, a proud householder of a bustling city. This mural plays perfectly into Aarschot's ongoing goal of "A city that is a home for all."


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