Biomechanical animals decorate the new Cronos Group office

A workplace that appeals to the young and dynamic employees? That's what Cronos in Kontich has thanks to Treepack!


Cronos Group, located in Kontich, chose to make a number of office spaces more attractive for its employees and visitors. With impressive murals around the theme of 'diversity', we transformed the bare spaces into a pleasant and inspiring environment! They are also eye-catchers of format that will impress passers-by, customers and partners.

For the long corridor that winds around the main entrance to the office, Treepack artist Simon Mannaerts designed a fusion of herons in a biomechanical jacket. Here, they symbolise a sustainable balance, also known as the balance between technology and nature that we have been struggling with for centuries. On the other side, the double unit of Lobster Robin is depicted: a harmony and struggle between robot and plants. The hope for a future where our technological progress goes hand in hand with nature. Ems came up with three hand gestures based on the SDGs framed in People, Planet and Prosperity. Each hand has its specific characteristics here, but the biomechanical elements are also well covered.

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With thanks to: The artists, Cronos Group and Fueled


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