Accounting firm Karin Beeckman

Karin Beeckman, business manager of her own accounting firm, had long brooded on the idea of transforming her home and office with a mural. The gray concrete walls told nothing about her personality, and on a business level it was not recognizable. Her goal is to introduce people to the personality and as an eye-catcher of her business.

With this in mind, she called on Leuven artist collective Treepack to make her idea a reality. Treepack quickly - in consultation with Karin - came up with a concept of a rose, which symbolizes the different layers she wants to tell in her story.

The mural was created by artist duo Hoodo and has drawn many views from passersby and local residents. The roses are not only an artistic addition to her facade, but also refer to her unique entrepreneurial training programs that cover soft skills as well as numbers. COOL down LEVEL up offers entrepreneurial training focused on honing soft skills and understanding and optimizing numbers. "We believe that maximizing the balance between these two elements leads to greater peace of mind and success for entrepreneurs," Beeckman said.

The mural has received many positive comments from passersby and local residents. Beeckman is always looking for ways to improve her surroundings and express her creativity. In addition to her entrepreneurial activities, she is also a passionate art lover. With the new mural, she has transformed her home into a beautiful work of art and further expressed her love for art.

The mural is an inspiration for others to be creative and improve their environment. It shows that art not only belongs within the walls of a museum, but can also play an important role in our daily lives.


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