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In May '17, the City of Brussels launched an appeal to give the old and ugly façade of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) a makeover. We invited several European artists to make a design and out of about 80 candidates, the Italian artist Gola Hundun emerged with his design "Causa Prima".

The concept

Usually, Gola draws inspiration from natural elements and spirituality. For this project, he depicts the 'stream of life'. This is a reference to the learning process that enables people to grow and develop and all the activities on and around the campus. The orange-red sun at the corner of the building is presented as an interesting anamorphism. All the leaves whirl around this centre point.

As the first major project, it was a real challenge to meet all the requirements of the client, the city and all other stakeholders. But by putting our heads together we managed to do it. After litres of blood, sweat, primer, paint, rain and two tears, the result was finally there. We will spare you all the details. Just enjoy the result!



  • Total area: 650 m2
  • Material: concrete slabs
  • Composition: acrylic paint
  • Project duration: 14 days

Vrije Universiteit Brussel is located at Paul Hegerlaan 1, Brussels, BE.


With thanks to: Gola Hundun (the artist), Jaune (our friend in need and a serious artist indeed), Pieter 'Nekvel' Verbeke (our assistant) and the three-headed team of Oryzon Film makers.


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