"Couleur Quartier" Elementary school Pee and Nel mural by Julieta XLF

Couleur Quartier is a project realized during the Easter vacations of 2020. Basisschool Pee & Nel, the city of Leuven, Treepack, Scholengroep11 and many other helping hands supported the creation of a mural by Spanish artist Julieta.

The project rests on three main pillars.

1. Diversity
In this suburb of Leuven, many people from different backgrounds live together. Many of those children go to this primary school. We want to show this perfect mix of people in a good light, by including characters from all over the world in the mural. At the same time, we create a good example for the children, by showing that harmony between people in society is certainly possible.

2. Nature
Artist Julieta often works with whimsical figures, but often adds flora and fauna elements. The children here live in a very concrete-like environment and often do not have the opportunity to "be" in nature. By incorporating nature-like elements into the mural, they are able to enjoy that extra bit of what Mother Earth has to offer us.

3. Mobility
Currently, and certainly in the past, many drivers of motorized vehicles drive through this street at high speeds. Additional bicycle lanes have been built on the road and speed bumps have been installed. Unfortunately, without much success. This mural is sure to attract attention - not only by its size, but also by its bright colors, and hopefully from the speeders as well!

And what's more, we simply want to offer the residents, pupils and visitors of this district and school a pleasant environment.

"Stand up for your neighbourhood".

This project was sponsored (mostly) by a project called "Stand Up for Your Neighborhood." It was started by the city and has been a real success story so far!
The concept is as follows: your neighborhood is in need of something new. Residents who have an idea are encouraged to create a file explaining the concept. This can range from murals to painting electricity boxes, placing plants on the facade or even mini wall libraries where neighborhood residents can trade their books. Endless possibilities!
Once the file is sent and approved, a sum of money goes to the coordinating party (often the residents) to implement the planned ideas. Residents may hire outside contractors, such as Treepack, to make their wishes a reality. Et voila, another glorious mural!


  • Wall material: bricks
  • Mural production: 1-12 July 2020
  • Size: +/- 500 m2 (of which 200 m2 can be painted)
  • Paint used: acrylic paint and spray cans.

This project was made possible by Treepack, City of Leuven, Heritage Service, House 11 and Gerken Hoogwerkers.


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