De Nova - Per Aspera Ad Astra

We noticed that everyone was allowed to slowly crawl out of their bunks again. Spectators and residents came out from behind every corner, tree and brick to briefly observe the artists. And the result is worth it: the building looks a thousand times better than it did before, and that was confirmed (sometimes loudly) by the smiles and nods of passers-by.

De Nova - the school of the future

In cooperation with experts from the art, business and academic worlds, De Nova brings a revolutionary school concept to the Leuven region. De Nova wants to be a school where knowledge is really linked to the world around you, where you really learn to learn together and where you really gain insight into yourself. Artists Lobster Robin and Simon Mannaerts have taken advantage of this unique opportunity and have painted a work of art inspired by the vision of this new school. 


  • +/- 130 m2 plastered wall
  • Highest point: 15m
  • Width and depth of the building: 8m x 7m 
  • Acrylic paint used: +/- 45L
  • Number of spray cans: 13
  • Beers drunk: lost count

This project was a collaboration between House 11 (Scholengroep 11), Treepack, Gerken boomers, JasonBerkley Studios and De Nova.

Thanks to: Joke from Infrastructure and the whole team of House 11, but above all the mega-friendly and helpful caretaker Patrick.


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