Doodle take over in Brussels-Central Station

The city of Brussels launched a warm call for street artists to tackle a wall next to a secondary school. We jumped on the bandwagon in no time and sent in a few design ideas from our artists. To our great surprise, they chose Mr Doodle! We started to work on this renovation-transformation project immediately!

The Story

On arrival, we met the people from Brucity and were given the keys to the 'magic' scissor lift. Once we got that blue monster going, we mixed some paint and put the primer on. And this wall could take some paint! The next morning, a ravishing apparition showed up... Mr. Doodle met us in his fully custom-made Doodle suit, ready to take on this 40 m2 wall. In one day.

One blink and the spray cans are ready and the lift goes up. And Belgium would not be Belgium without its fantastic weather. For some reason, it was 33° C and because of the fierce reflection from the wall, you couldn't see much without protective glasses. But that didn't matter to the Doodle machine. With a white cloth and a head full of inspiration, things went very quickly. As you can see in the details, he was clearly inspired by the high school.

Some compare him to The Flash, but for us it is simply a pleasure to watch everything merge into one at lightning speed. You don't even need a timelapse shot to see how fast he works. At sunset, we sat outside on a terrace with a beer in our hands, proudly looking at yet another finished project.


  • Total surface area: 40 m2
  • Material: bricks
  • Width: 5m
  • Height: 8m
  • Composition: spray paint
  • Project duration: 1 day

Anneessens Funck is located in Groot Eiland 27, Brussels, Belgium.
This commission is part of the Brussels Street Art Parcours, a project of Brucity and the Minister of Culture.


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