Elephantlantis - Namur

A herd of street art elephants pops up in Namur's Omalius Tunnel. An unusual passageway as an energy-generating source for passersby.

The vibrating power of water comes out strongly because the artwork should radiate vitality. Everyone needs to recharge themselves from time to time. It is therefore important that the tunnel radiate a certain sense of energy. The overall image triumphs through the combination of oceanic features with the power of the elephants.

To achieve maximum realization, the stylish expertise of the duo Gooze & Bozik was called upon. Two Russian artists who doggedly managed to create this impressive work of art. Characteristic is the rich and saturated color palette with which imaginative images are illustrated. Their style is inspired by ancient techniques of the Australian Aborigines. The idea of dot-painting is thousands of years old and is the perfect combination with graffiti. The incorporation of these organic lines and dots into the image gives the whole a mythical character that lingers.

Painting the tunnel with this technique creates a miraculous passage. The water flows vividly across both walls, each 85 meters long. The elephants step lively into it as the water flows past their legs. Hooked together with trunk and tail, the elephants form a unified row. This idea of connection is a defining theme of the design. All in all, an inspiring place that you want to have driven through.

Courtesy of: Jamal


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