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Since 2004, Foodmaker has been providing ultra-fresh and organic meals, with ingredients sourced as much as possible from their own organic fields. Their vegetables are processed into delicious dishes by professional chefs. All this with respect for people, animals and planet. A vision that we, Treepack, fully support. We find it important to with murals to contribute to this vision..


With a colorful mural that highlights the slogan "Living on the vedge", we transformed the Foodmaker building in Uccle into a creative resting place for young and old. The focus of this artwork is, of course, Foodmaker's biocyclic agriculture. It shows a friendly gang of farmers who work every day to fill our plates with healthy and tasty vegetables from the region.



In the Sportoase of Brasschaat a fresh mural was created under the theme 'The Green Dream'. The design shows two characters floating through a vegetable garden of surrealistic crops. The characters are tending the crops which emphasizes the freshness of Foodmaker's products. The surreal element points to the innovation and creativity in dishes, moving on and reinventing what healthy eating can be.

From the recreational pool, like an art gallery, there is a view of the beautiful mural in Foodmaker's food-and-drink area above. "While swimming you are drawn into the brasserie. Conversely, while enjoying a healthy bite, you may find yourself craving more for a splash in the pool. This now makes the oasis an interactive place of sport and relaxation." Thus Stijn Adams, center manager Sportoase Elshout.



The restaurant in the Erasmus hospital in Rotterdam could also use some brightening up. Armed with an assortment of spray cans, the Treepack artists set out to immortalize Foodmaker's mission with a mural.

This inspiring and accessible street art also appeals to a broad target audience, putting both the organization and the restaurant in the spotlight. With a colorful mural highlighting the slogan "Living on the vedge", we transformed the Foodmaker building in Rotterdam into an oasis of honest food.



At the request of Foodmaker at the Sportoase in Leuven, CEO Lieven Vanlommel was comically incorporated into two surreal designs to add some color to the interior space.

The first mural "Living on the vedge" came next to the window overlooking the pool. Hence, water plays an important role in the design. On the other hand, the focus on sweet potato cultivation, one of Foodmaker's most prestigious activities. A nice detail is the sun in the background that shines recognizably like Foodmaker's logo.

The design 'We are organic farmers' was elaborated on the second wall. The emphasis is on organic farming and the healthy, sporty lifestyle that they exude in the form of their 'fdmkr' clothing line. A nice element are the cyclists, they refer to one of Lievens other passions.


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