Quay wall Zwijndrecht


Open air art flows like water through Zwijndrecht.

In the year 2020 -2021, the arts week of Zwijndrecht is given a new look. The community no longer limits itself to one week but expands to a full arts year. After two summers of restrictions and reduced social contact, the idea quickly came up to make art public and accessible for all inhabitants. And so Zwijndrecht puts itself on the map as a real street-art-municipality!

Zwijndrecht and street art collective Treepack joined forces to bring more colour and art to the streets. The first step in this creative project was the organisation of Tour Elentrik®. With Tour Elentrik®, the municipality literally comes under high pressure. Together with local creative people and professional artists, ten electricity cabinets were given a makeover. The boring, grey cabinets that are often an eyesore were transformed into real works of art. Discover all the beauty for young and old by means of an active walking route. You can consult the walk on the platform Street Art Cities via the link: https://streetartcities.com/cities/zwijndrecht-be/routes

As the icing on the cake, the quay wall in Burcht was also taken in hand. This grey wall, 130 metres long, is the direct separation between the water of the Scheldt and Kaaiplein. It is a place that will also serve as a welcome and meeting place in the future when the water bus will stop there. The artists of Treepack went to work on this special location and created a work of art that responds to the environment around the water.

"The Scheldt is at the service of the transport of various international ships. Goods and people are constantly moving on the water. What we hardly think about, however, is the flow of all that water. Today, we see it flowing through the Scheldt at Zwijndrecht, but tomorrow it may be over the Atlantic Ocean or it may pour as rain over the Flemish fields. Just like animals and people, water is in a constant cycle. This design tells the invisible story of how water moves and finds a place in our daily environment. The design is in direct dialogue with the Scheldt behind the quay wall."


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