Koningshofwegtunnel Zonhoven

Limburg's largest mural can be admired in Zonhoven

We joined forces with Zonhoven to realise the largest mural in Limburg. Covering no less than 615 m², this gigantic open-air work of art has become a showpiece for the region. The murals play on the local environment and the abundant presence of natural areas in the region.

The canvas for this work is located on the Koningshofweg and is currently being used as a bicycle and car tunnel. To respond to the Limburg cycling culture, the connecting themes of fauna & flora, mobility and nature experience were chosen. The entire project is devoted to the symbiosis between man and animal. An experience of fauna & flora without damaging their habitat.

Connecting people and nature

This impressive open-air work of art shows in a unique way what Zonhoven and the wider region stand for: cooperation between people and animals, sustainability and nature conservation. The municipality of Zonhoven is situated in an area surrounded by beautiful nature reserves. It is therefore natural that the artwork plays with this green fact. Various local animals and plants are featured. This is not surprising since the municipality borders De Wijers; the land of 1001 ponds.


Courtesy of: Province of Limburg


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