La Wallonie Entreprend- A message for the people

Three portraits of Walloon entrepreneurs on a building in the heart of Charleroi. A positive message for the inhabitants in the form of a campaign by the newspaper L'Echo.

The Story

The Walloon newspaper L'Echo asked us to design three murals around portraits of Walloon entrepreneurs for the campaign 'La Wallonie Entreprend' (Enterprising Wallonia). With this message, they wanted to show that everyone has what it takes to become a successful businessman or woman, even in a region like Wallonia that suffers from an old-fashioned industrial setting. Step by step, new entrepreneurs are changing the region.

We held several meetings with these entrepreneurs to hear their stories about how they achieved success and of course to put them behind the lens of the renowned portrait artist Spear. After a long search for a suitable building, we found the perfect setting at the Interbeton site in Charleroi. But we were not the first. The well-known artist INVADER had already left his mark on the building. Out of respect for his work, we decided to hang wooden panels and tape over it. After all, this campaign was a temporary project and was removed after a few months. After some construction work (yes, even more wooden panels), Spear could start on this 3-week project. Everyone knows that for advertising campaigns there is time pressure from above and it was no different for us. Fortunately for us, everything went smoothly.

The three portraits of Walloon entrepreneurs Virginie Dufrasne, François Fornieri and Jean-Pierre Lutgen left a big impression, even from miles away.


  • Total surface area: 3 portraits, each 180 m2
  • Material: concrete
  • Length: 16m
  • Width: 16m
  • Height: 33m
  • Composition: Acrylic paint and a few spray cans
  • Project duration: 18 days

According to the planning, the murals will be removed because it was a temporary campaign, but they can still be seen on the site of Interbeton in Charleroi, near Action.

With thanks to: Our lovely assistants Jamal & Kitsune, the people from FamousGrey, Gerken Hoogwerkers and the people from L'Echo/De Tijd


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