Be enchanted in Halle

Belgium's largest mural can be found in Halle

The back of the Pacapime building in Halle, a wall of no less than 2000 m2, received a new lick of paint in the form of a beautiful mural. Commissioned by the town of Halle, we created a monumental design for this gigantic building on the Zinderende Zenne.

The theme and title of the work of art will be 'The Enchanted Forest'.

'De betovering' (The Enchantment) tells the story of a boy and girl from Halle. Every day they walk to school through the beautiful nature along the Zenne, but every day they see some new litter. One day, the girl took a piece of paper and folded it into a little bird that she had seen drinking on the banks before. It did not take long for the boy to say: "I want to make that too! Over the next few days, the waterfront suddenly became much cleaner, and there were suddenly many more animals.

The mission surrounding the work of art goes even further. The company wall and its surroundings are upgraded and it creates a green buffer by integrating plants, flowers and trees. It has to make the inhabitants and visitors aware of the Zenne, show that street art can mean a great aesthetic intervention in the public space and seek connection between and with the inhabitants of Halle.

The work of art is part of the project of the town of Halle, called Zinderende Zenne, to improve, brighten up and give the valley of the Senne a unique image. The graffiti artwork on the 2,000 square metre wall of the corrugated cardboard producer Pacapime will be one of the biggest eye-catchers in the Zenne Park. The Zennepark strives for a nice coherence across the municipal boundaries between existing and planned projects in the project area. The aim is to develop an elongated park with the Senne as the structuring, blue-green carrier, which must provide for a new Hal identity and which can contribute to upgrading the quality of living in the city. 


With thanks to: Peter Geeraerts and the Technical Department of the City of Halle and the Flemish Government.


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