Live painting in Aloft hotels with Jisbar

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Aloft Hotels asked us to organise a live painting session with the French artist Jisbar! The idea turned out to be a real bull's eye, as it inspired him to create five new artworks for his first Belgian exhibition.

The Story

Jisbar has been making art since 2006. His works are full of references to pop culture and media, combined with elements and inspiration from his personal life. Fashion, music, skate, freestyle and street art elements are strongly represented, often in a completely transformed space where the viewer can immerse himself in his own nostalgia. 

The five new artworks for this exhibition are from the Ca$h series, featuring the ever-famous Micky Mouse, Bart Simpson, Donald Duck, the genie from Aladdin, and Tom from the legendary duo Tom & Jerry. These 80 x 80 cm canvases have been powerfully worked with pastel, acrylic, oil and spray paint.

After the warm welcome by the Aloft team, Jisbar and his assistant took out their paints, markers and brushes to work on a fresh 2×2 metre canvas that was waiting for them in the lobby. This ended up being an afternoon and evening filled with live painting, chats with the hotel visitors, paint splatters in places you wouldn't think so, and a big 'ol Blingsmurf swimming in the money.



  • Total area: 4 m2
  • Material: canvas (linen)
  • Composition: acrylic paint, spray paint, markers
  • Project duration: 1 day

Aloft Hotels is located at Place Jean Rey, Brussels, Belgium.


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