More colour on the playground

A school with a vision. Our first mural of the season is completely in the theme "More Colour on the Playground". HHK/de Mozaïek contacted us to create a mural that represents their values in a bright and colourful way.

The Story

We kick off the season with Digo Diego. This Spanish designer, painter and urban artist has a versatile background in projects involving school environments, urban art and multicultural societies throughout Spain. We let Diego talk about the concept of this mural:

Education runs through our lives as a continuous process. In this artwork, development and progress are represented as the stem of a plant, whose growth depends on various factors that play a role in our childhood and all that follows. The road we travel is exciting and challenging and the final goal sometimes seems like reaching the moon.

Side by side with our school career is the very diverse society we grow up in, represented by multiple paths and roads of our own choosing. No matter which stairs, steps, slopes, doors or windows you choose, for each one of them you are guided by the context that surrounds us... the whistle of a bird. The artist's trademark is always to be seen: black characters with a typical facial expression. Their arms and legs are always in motion and show the emotion of what is happening around them. In this case, these figures are the eternal representation of pupils and students.

The artist based his work on seven key words given to him by the school board. Each of these words carries the vision of the school and the growth of each child: ambition, multicultural, inclusive, participation, innovation, care, and student-centred. It was not easy to incorporate all these values into the design. But our mastermind made the impossible possible by completing the work between his trips from Madrid to Valencia. You can clearly see that a lot of thought went into each line, which made the artist himself enormously proud of the result.



  • Total area: 162 m2
  • Material: bricks
  • Width: 9 m
  • Height: 18 m
  • Composition: acrylic colours and spray cans
  • Project duration: 5 days


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