Pimping the walls with Joachim

With his spray cans and posca markers in hand, Joachim is faster than his own shadow. In recent years, he has designed a great deal of artwork in the open air. We took it upon ourselves to let him work on an indoor project. So he continued his adventure in one of the meatball restaurants of Balls & Glory. 

The story behind the scenes 

Here we go again! After spending a long time behind our computers in 'extreme' circumstances and endless discussions about which sandwich to order, we decided to go out into the world and meet Joachim. Unlike our previous project for Balls & Glory Leuven with Anmar Mirza, this time we already knew what the pot was going to be: a spicy image of a beautiful piglet. 

For Joachim, it is very important to always go flat out. In the world of (street) art, you are quickly forgotten if you don't perform on a regular basis. Even if you have to turn down projects now and then, there is a lot of competition. In this world, developing your own unique style is as important as buying toilet paper.

To catch the eye of your target audience, you need several layers of street and pop art with the right amount of humour, without talking about political or social themes. That is the road to success for an artist. To cut a long story short, at the end of the day, the wall looks just as it was intended: a fresh layer that perfectly matches the interior of the restaurant. 


  • Material: plastered wall 
  • Total area: 35 m2
  • Project duration: 1 day
  • Ingredients: acrylic paint & posca markers

Unfortunately, Balls & Glory Eindhoven moved to a new location, so the wall can no longer be admired. 

With thanks to: Tim Streetart who brought us into contact with Joachim, and Wim Ballieu (CEO of Balls & Glory) for the amazing opportunities so far.


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