November Five explores the Red Planet

- "Red Planet?"
- "I thought you guys made murals?"

Yes. That's right.

For this edition, we mixed things up and created a few concepts that resonated with the brand and work ethic of this interesting company.
We dove into the offices, talked to the people working there and dug up some info on what November Five is all about. We learned that everyone here works in such a structured way that teamwork becomes second nature. With that attitude, many great things can be achieved. So after a few brainstorming sessions with the creatives, we thought it would be fun to visualise a team of N5 astronauts planting a flag on a distant planet - a serious team effort involving years of preparation and research. Just think of the work required to get people off the ground! 

Luckily for us, their office was very close by. We invited our instafamous workhorse TUZQ to spend a weekend at Barney's.
A Saturday and Sunday we will not soon forget, there at Five November. 

When we went from Saturday Night Fever (not being able to go out because of a pandemic) to Sunday morning - we were sure we would be done before nightfall. Working on weekends is just part of the job. You don't want the employers who usually work here choking on the spray fumes, or distracted by this phenomenon called art in progress next to your desk, when they should actually be working. No, our approach is to be as flexible as possible and adjust our schedule to fit your available hours.

Thanks to: The creatives of N5, from whom we learned a lot! Hopefully you did too. And last but not least, a big thanks to Spray & Play for the super fast delivery of our spray cans.


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Take your wall or space to the next level and let our knowledge guide you. With our proven process, every idea becomes a reality.

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