A mural for the Pangaea office spaces on the KU Leuven campus. We invited the Valencian artist Julieta (XLF).

We asked Julieta to share with us the story behind the mural

For me, diversity is synonymous with colour. Different colours of thoughts, sounds, food, skins, nature and so much more...
But, colour is a universal language. Colour is happiness, colour is life. Colours make us feel and have a specific meaning in nature and in our cultures. This meaning, these feelings and emotions are in our way of life and in our cultures, and have a common essence, even if we do not realise it ourselves.
Through this universal language, we have found a way to talk about diversity. Diversity is full of stories, legends, traditions, fantasy and freedom. Two characters hold our planet, one half of the globe on each side. They represent different realities and cultures within a single being. Here we see that there is so much to learn and share from each other, and that it is positive to be different from each other. We are able to discover new realities through respect and LOVE.

The logo of the Pangaea centre that coincides with the globe in the artwork happened quite by accident. We hope that the thousands of international students who walk through this corridor every day will appreciate this multicultural artwork.


  • Length: 35m
  • Max height: 4m 
  • Surface area: 145 m2
  • Paint used: acrylic paint and mtn94 spray cans
  • Project duration: 4 days


Thanks to: KULeuven & Pangaea for the professional cooperation, thanks to the artist and Joy (a painter and surfboard maker!) for delivering our first mural of the season!


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