Quartier Bleu - Grand opening

The recently opened Quartier Bleu has an important role within the city of Hasselt: connecting traders, inhabitants and visitors with each other and with the city. With this new mural, QB wants to put rest, peace and togetherness first and at the same time give visitors a unique experience. Unfortunately, the current epidemic has put a heavy damper on morale: the unveiling has been postponed, the shops could not be opened and no one was allowed out of his room. Quartier Bleu is now getting ready for the long-awaited Grand Opening!

In the weekend of 16 and 17 May, Treepack artist 'TUZQ' created an inspiring work of art to wish people hope, courage and a fresh start. 

Integrating the tranquillity of the Japanese garden into the busy city life

The concept behind the mural arose from the desire for a small oasis of peace, integrated into the busy city centre. This is expressed in the form of a colourful fish: the koi. In this way, the high Zen content of the Japanese garden is literally drawn into the atmosphere that Quartier Bleu wants to radiate. It is therefore perfectly in line with their vision and mission: an environmentally conscious character, living and life by the water, and the integration of a lot of green into the environment. 

In addition, the Koi fish is also a playful nod to the urban renewal projects in which the City of Hasselt is committed to greening and widening. The extension of the Demer, which flows north of the Japanese garden, is also planned in the near future. In a symbolic way, this fish swims via the Demer into the busy part of the city and brings with it an oasis of peace.

An announcement in the form of Street Heart
The announcement of the project took the form of a fun window drawing. Treepack artist Nihan Yilmaz from Maasmechelen left a riddle on the window: "Blub blub here swims a...", together with some creative references to oriental culture. Doing so, passers-by are warmed up and invited to guess what is about to happen.
Besides designing and executing murals, Treepack is currently rolling out "Street Heart". Windows and display windows of buildings, shop windows and residential houses are given a new dimension by an exclusive work of art or a clever window drawing.

Are you planning to visit the city of Hasselt this weekend? Then be sure to stop by Quartier Bleu to discover this gem!

Thanks to: The Pop-media crew and Jason Berkley for assisting us during the production and preparation of this mural at Quartier Bleu in Hasselt.


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