Three new street art works in Scherpenheuvel-Zichem

Unusual Italian influences and local top talent, we brought them to Scherpenheuvel-Zichem.

After a successful mission with Tellas in Eindhoven (NL) , we couldn't resist inviting this artist and his great assistant to provide one of the three new locations with a strong piece of street art. But Tellas wasn't the only one, we also invited Lucia Wait (from Italy but living in Antwerp) and local creative genius TUZQ...

Tellas set up at the Keiberg cemetery (Zichem). This work symbolises the union between earth and sky. This memorial wall now radiates with a serene gradient from blue to earth tones, which continue a little further into the service building with atypical fauna elements. 

Lucia Wait responds to the current situation with her art. Although we all stand for solidarity, an embrace is not obvious at the moment. But this is what she strongly counters: we must not let go of each other!

Her work entitled "Embrace the difference" now adorns the Zuidervest in Scherpenheuvel. A couple of unique figures give each other a close embrace and are inseparable. They bring a message to the inhabitants of this beautiful city: "We will not let go of each other and together we will get through this difficult period.

Here you can see Lucia putting the finishing touches to her work.

Local top talent TUZQ continued the trend in Testelt, at the Concordia party venue. You simply do not recognise the building anymore! He transformed the drab wall into a beautiful mural with a fox and marsh-marigold flowers, an artistic reference to the nearby nature reserve De Demerbroeken. Around the corner, an electricity cabin has also been taken care of, with the same marsh-marigold flowers.

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With thanks to: Scherpenheuvel-Zichem, TVH, Tuzq, Lucia, Tellas & Fabio, Wouter & Jamal!


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