School Saint Peter's Lion

"Packed for the Future" is a mural very strategically located in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw to brighten up the area and create an inspiring and activating place for young and old.

The design was inspired by the iconic backpack of school-age children and symbolizes school as a place to gain knowledge and experience for the future. The blue backpack is depicted in monumental fashion and includes a key ring that references the region's history.

A special feature of this design is the spatial effect achieved by the hyper-realistic elaboration of the backpack and the drop shadow under the backpack.

As a symbol of growth and nature, a large sunflower grows out of the backpack, which also refers to the future. The sunflower is complemented by some papers falling out of the backpack, which transform into paper airplanes. The paper planes bear children's drawings and provide a playful and playful character.

With "Packed for the Future," Treepack has created a beautiful mural that not only brightens the environment, but also expresses the history, future and beauty of nature in the region of St. Peter's Lion. This mural was created by Toon Van Ishoven and is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting the city.


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