Smates places two murals of children in the suburbs of Leuven

The residents of Pieter Nollekensstraat (just outside Leuven's busy city centre) asked us to find the right artist for the right job.

For a "Come on behalf of your neighbourhood" project, a way for residents to brighten up their neighbourhood with their own initiatives and ideas, supported with funds from the city, two murals were requested in addition to a handful of other small interventions: a greener street by opening up the pavement tiles and planting trees and bushes, daytime activities during the summer, and also a few electricity boxes painted in a cheerful theme (more on that later).

At the request of the residents, we invited Smates to Leuven. In less than two weeks, he created two little gems. One on the side of a small apartment building and the other in a power station (10000 volt type).
Beautiful results, that much is certain.


  • 2 brick walls
  • 2 painted portraits - acrylic paint and spray cans
  • +/- 9 days of painting
  • location: Pieter Nollekensstraat nr.3 + nr. 105
With thanks to: The residents of the Pieter Nollekensstraat - more specifically An + Marie - for their warm-hearted and pro-approach to this project. Thanks to Smates - the artist - and Gerken Hoogwerkers for the lift.


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