Street Art - Overijse

To make the municipality of Overijse a real hotspot for murals, a few facades were selected to bring more art into the area. A creative metamorphosis of some boroughs that could use a unique coat of paint.

First, the creativity of Italian illustrator and graphic designer Lucia Biancalana was called upon. With her love of soft shapes, she brings funny characters to life. A few of these special characters come along to play a game of basketball in Terlanen. Lucia managed to enrich the place with a colorful abstract work. A smile guaranteed for every passerby!


Further down the road is the Den Blank Cultural Center. A multifunctional building that now houses a realistic work of art. Artist Jan-Willem emphasizes in his design the rich fauna from the Overijse area. The kingfisher leaves a spectacular impression on passers-by of the Cultural Center. The strong connection in the water is a nice reference to the location of the facade and the nature reserves around Overijse.

Artist Wietse brings a cheerful and playful impression to the center of Overijse in a dark tunnel. This juicy and flavorful Flemish-Brabant table grape can only be found in Overijse and the surrounding area.


Creator Margot Mannaerts manages to give the cabin door located in the Eeuwstraat in Jesus-Eik an entertaining coat of paint. The tawny owl knows how to keep passers-by company. The history of Jezus-Eik is inextricably linked to the Sonian Forest where the owl is a proud inhabitant.


The artist, Juan Peza, went to work on the Schapenweg. He chose to highlight animal inhabitants of the Overijse area. For example, the yellowhammer, acorn mouse and house martin have each been given their own side facade of the electricity box. The remaining parts are complemented with some insects, a flying deer and colorful plants.


Thanks to the expertise of Sam Billen, art director of Treepack, the electricity cabin in Tombeek was transformed into a powerful nostalgic street art work. The design 'Trenchcoat' playfully tells the story of the young boy who impatiently aspires to adult life.


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