The Fresh Brick of Bel Air

If you've never heard of barbells or bumper plates, don't worry. We stay in shape by painting every day of the year 😉 .
However, many people are enjoying 'crossfit' these days. A combination of ropeskipping, cardio, weightlifting with kettlebells, healthy eating and many more elements taken from other sports. A killer combo to keep the body in shape!

The Brick Antwerp - a good looking and enormously comfortable gym - opened a second location dedicated to the people who love and enjoy Crossfit. To keep your focus during these intense workouts, you need all the distraction and inspiration you can get to keep moving forward! To get that party started, we enlisted our good friend and artist/illustrator JangoJim, who has created a bunch of funny characters and drawings in a 90s 'Fresh Prince' style with splashy colours and nothing but good vibes. 

The result: a unique room where all elements are fully integrated with a layer of art. A colourful story on the walls, combined with five bright colours that are visible on all the weights and fitness equipment. Add some black, white and brick to that mix and you have a great environment that keeps you straight during a workout. 

You can visit The Brick during its opening hours at Scheldestraat 11, next to November Five - Antwerp. Follow the neon lights.


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Take your wall or space to the next level and let our knowledge guide you. With our proven process, every idea becomes a reality.

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