Tizarte 3D street art festival

The Tizarte festival was organised by Treepack and Street Art Antwerp on the Eilandje in Antwerp and was part of the 10-day festival Part of Antwerp. During the festival 16 murals and a ground painting were made.

The concept

For the second time, TIZARTE took place at 't Eilandje in Antwerp.

The redevelopment of 't Eilandje is in full swing. Some buildings are being demolished or redeveloped, while others are being preserved to preserve the rich history of the Port of Antwerp. We invited artists from all over the world and a handful of locals to give these buildings a makeover with street art and put even more focus on the temporal aspect of this art form. Below are the artists and their artwork.

Artists: Gooze, Shozy, Vera Bugatti, K.Shit, Cee Pil, Djoels, Anmar MIrza, Toon van Ishoven, Matthew Dawn, Wild Drawing, Muretz and Piazza (accompaniment Larsen Bervoets).



  • Smallest mural: 5 m2
  • Biggest mural: 595 m2
  • Material: acrylic paint and spray cans
  • Beers drunk: lost count
  • Sandwiches eaten: 62
  • Sunny days: 15
  • Rain Days: 2
  • Project duration: 21 days
With thanks to: Photos by Jozef Frans, Heziz, Shnorro, Tamara van de Meeberg, Manuela Geypen and the artists. A big thank you to the people from Zanzibar events who made Part of Antwerp possible, and the people from Gerken Hoogwerkers who were so generous to sponsor our lift.


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