Vacation home Fabiola - Maasmechelen

'Holiday fun for all'

It is now extra cozy enjoyment in Holiday Home Fabiola, located in the warm Limburg, Maasmechelen. Ambitions and desires for renewal brought them to a creative idea. Together with artists' collective Treepack, they manage to enrich the park with a playful mural. The focus is on young people with physical and/or mental disabilities.

In and around the vacation park there is plenty to do. There are 9 special accommodations to make fun accessible to everyone, including a subtropical (snoezel)swimming pool with a hoist and starry sky. With the Fabiola Express, a train with room for wheelchairs, you can discover the park and nature. Particularly special is the largest collection in Belgium of various types of bicycles for young people with or without disabilities. They even won the prize for this: "bicycle-rich tourism Limburg". Take a seat in a tandem, tricycle or adapted bicycle (OPair, VeloPlus, Fun2Go) and go out.

It's great to see how at Holiday House Fabiola everyone catches their breath. With the help of Treepack, this pleasant feeling was captured in an amusing street art project. The shed where, among other things, the special bikes are stored now displays the cheerful design of the mural.

A group of animals have made the nature reserve in Maasmechelen their own and are thoroughly enjoying the things to do there. A blind rhino is fishing while the giraffe with his uncomfortably long neck in the O-Pair bike is pushed by the monkey. Further along beside the lake, two pleasant pandas sit relaxed staring ahead. A moment to forget their daily worries. The entertainment in fresh colors radiates from the wall. You would like to join in with the company.

From rest to adventure, sports and team building, the mural is now part of the amazing property. No matter what you want to do or who you are, at Holiday Home Fabiola it is enjoyment for everyone. Especially with a view of the beautiful artwork, you won't forget the place in a hurry.


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