What Happens in the Box Stays in the Box - Kuurne

For the fifteenth anniversary of the Kubox, the municipality of Kuurne called on the expertise of Treepack to create a timeless mural. The artists' collective designed a monumental work of art for the side wall of the event hall that responds to the history and activities of this special meeting place. After two weeks of painting, the work has been completed and spectators from all over can come and admire it.

The work of art entitled 'What happens in the box stays in the box' immediately became the largest mural in the region. In addition to its size, the execution of the work is also noteworthy. By using a combination of realism and figurative elements, a balanced result was created that stimulates the viewers' imagination. The work of art was deliberately made timeless and unrecognisable. The character is therefore a symbol for all the inhabitants of Kuurne.

Design study

The design for the work of art 'What happens in the box stays in the box' is inspired, on the one hand, by the function that Kubox fulfils in the municipality and, on the other, by the architectural feature of the building as being 'a box in a box'.

Kubox is a place where people meet, inspire each other and where people can develop and express their personalities. The work of art is a metaphor for this vision and, thanks to its monumentality, it will play an iconic role in public space.

An anonymous, timeless and expressive character performs a kind of puppet theatre in a box. The donkey puppets performing are meant to inspire the viewer and also refer in all their subtlety to the activities taking place in Kubox. The donkeys, in turn, refer to the Kuurn folklore that is widely known within the municipality.

In addition, the work of art contains some nice winks that the viewer can discover. The smileys on the character's shoes, for example, refer to the fact that every person here gets a smile as a gift. In addition, the character's clothing refers to diversity within the community.
The stamp on the character's hand literally brings the identity of the building to the foreground. Finally, the 'tinkered' clouds make a transition to the real sky and bring the character's head into the clouds. The architecture of the building is involved in the work of art through the right perspective and an elaborate shadow play, giving the mural an optical distortion.


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