Tour Elentrik

From a general call for amateur artists to a freshly coloured municipality full of enthusiastic inhabitants. Discover Tour Elentrik! 

Utility boxes are often an eyesore. Ugly, dirty, vandalised by taggers. Everyone knows them only too well. Together with local and professional artists, we give these monotonous and grey electricity boxes a beautiful and artistic makeover! 

Treepack is responsible for the coordination, support and training programme for participants in your town or city. Everyone with a creative spirit is more than welcome! Age is no problem: in the past we have worked together with primary school children, university students, local amateur artists, professional artists and many more! 

The result: more colour in the streets, less vandalism and incredibly satisfied participants and residents!

Tour Elentrik Zonhoven

Art route with home-grown talent All works of art can be admired via a brand new seventeen-kilometer bicycle route that connects all the locations. Those who can follow the

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Tour Elentrik Nieuwpoort

City of Nieuwpoort packed last summer for the second time with the art project Tour Elentrik. In Nieuwpoort-Bad the artists of Treepack gave ten gray electricity boxes a new look.

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Tour Elentrik Lede

Municipality of Lede gets creative with OOgenblik theme. In cooperation with the municipality of Lede, 20 utility boxes were given an artistic look. Different talents

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Tour Elentrik Lille

Tour Elentrik settles in Lille In Lille too, we have brightened up the streets with an original theme. The inhabitants of Lille were able to choose their own themes

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Tour Elentrik Wilrijk

More color in the streets of Wilrijk! Tour Elentrik continues to expand in Antwerp. After passages in, among others, the neighborhoods Elsdonk, Korenbloem, Oosterveld and the

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Tour Elentrik Dendermonde

Beautification of electricity cabinets in the theme Pig Together with local and professional artists, a total of 40 cabinets were transformed into true works of art. The project started

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Tour Elentrik Zoersel

Tour Elentrik settles down in the municipality of Zoersel Zoersel is recognizable as a rural municipality with a beautiful nature. Just outside the busy city you can find

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Tour Elentrik Denderleeuw

Denderleeuw under high tension! In Denderleeuw, 16 artists, including two duos, set to work. Both Denderleeuw residents and professional artists, but all of them with a great deal of experience.

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Mural of folk singer

Tour Elentrik Wilrijk

21 utility boxes in the Wilrijk districts of Oostverveld and Elsdonk were given a colourful makeover by various street artists. Legendary folk singer Ferre Grignard was also given a colourful makeover.

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Tour Elentrik Haacht

Local artists paint electricity boxes in Haacht on the theme of 'fauna and flora'. What is the result? Awesome! Fauna and flora in the village Dull, grey, a thorn

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Tour Elentrik Zele

10 electricity boxes in Zele turned into colourful eye-catchers. In Zele, ten drab, grey electricity boxes were transformed into colourful gems. Each of the boxes tells a unique story

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Tour Elentrik Asse

The municipality of Asse was given a Tour Elentrik by a sharp young lady! A special Tour Elentrik This summer, the municipality of Asse in Flemish Brabant worked together with

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Tour Elentrik Luchtbal (Antwerp)

Since this weekend, Luchtbal looks a bit more colourful again: professional artists as well as artistically inclined neighbourhood residents have been painting there in the context of Tour Elentrik this past weekend.

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Tour Elentrik XL

Utility boxes are often an eyesore. Ugly, dirty, or vandalised by taggers, you've probably seen them! Together with local and professional artists, they are a source of inspiration.

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