Tour Elentrik Zoersel

Tour Elentrik descends on Zoersel

Zoersel is recognizable as a rural municipality with beautiful nature. Just outside the busy city, you can come and enjoy local fauna and flora in Zoersel. Because that nature and agriculture are important in Zoersel, the theme chosen for this edition is 'Caring for Nature'.

Zoersel wants to promote local flora and fauna and support our farmers.


The artists

  • LIENS Creations
  • Lore Van Brussel
  • Nadesign
  • Napam
  • Nine
  • Studio Hat



You don't have to get on a plane to go on an adventure. Our murals let you discover the most colourful and dynamic aspects.

There is nothing we cannot brighten up. A few colourful touches can make a world of difference. The world is our canvas, all we need now is you. Help us bring some colour into the world by contacting us today.
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