First impressions stick. A building that doesn’t stand out sends a wrong, or maybe even no message to passers-by, and it doesn’t impress your customers at all. Here at Treepack we will be more than happy to give you a helping hand to change all that

How to get people to notice you?  

More exposure and an increase in awareness towards your audience is achieved by implementing astonishing eye-catchers that can be seen from miles away.

They will be placed on the most visible and busiest locations in or around your building, and will immediately make you stand out in the crowd because of their unique subject and fresh colors. 

All eyes on you.

Just ‘getting noticed’ doesn’t stop there. This phenomenon known as street art is amazingly popular these days, and will definitely draw a lot of attention. So called street art hunters will come from afar to visit your spectacular art piece, and will share it with the world through social media. 

With each brushstroke we set, chances of getting picked up by the local media and national press get higher every day. Before the start of each project we launch an announcement towards the media. Journalists, video and photographers drop by to map the project from start to finish, often with a neat article as a result. Can you think of a better way to put your company in the spotlight?

The amaze.

Your timeless artwork will be created by the crème de la crème of artists from around the world. These top-notch professionals will amaze your customers with their art, and make them forget the world exists for a moment. 

Curious for the next steps? 

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Bring your story to Life

Til jouw muur of ruimte op naar een hoger niveau en laat je leiden door onze kennis. Met ons bewezen proces wordt elk idee realiteit. 

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